Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to my online home

The place where heaven and earth meet

You have followed your intuition.

Found yourself looking to understand yourself on a deeper level.

A soul level.

Which has brought you here…to my online doorstep.

To which I welcome you with open arms.

This is where your journey begins.

“Nichola is not just a healer, she’s WD40 for the soul”

Nichola Sherlock - medium and spiritual life coach

Meet Nichola

Nichola is a psychic medium and healer, gifted with the senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience. She is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Life Coach and Suicide First Aider.

Her mission is to light up the world, one beautiful person at a time, bringing healing and peace to those in need.

What a journey so far, hey.  An incredible upside down, roundabout, inside out, shake it all about life of magic, miracles and mayhem, muddles and puddles, raindrops and sunshine.

And rainbows.  We must remember the rainbows!  A cosmic sign of hope and promise.

So, what’s happening? You have experienced it all. And I mean, you have really experienced it all.  There’s not a lot you haven’t seen, felt, heard or understood.  You have empathy oozing out of your beautiful big heart and so much sincerity I can feel it from here. You have been down to the depths.  As in, deep down.  And it has at times been excruciatingly painful. You didn’t even know if you would make it out, until one day, God threw you a lifeline, you grabbed hold of it and were rescued.  

This was your spiritual awakening.

You know you have a mission to fulfill and you are pretty certain of what that looks like but there’s still ‘stuff’.

 It feels like you’re carrying a heavy load that isn’t really yours, or that you are trying to grow and keep hitting a glass ceiling, or old voices and messages play out in your head that you don’t want to listen to because you know they’re not true. They are not the voice of God.

You are so sensitive and lovely.  I just want you to know that.  I can see it, how beautiful you are and also how hard you are on yourself.  Don’t be.  Put down those weapons of self destruction.  There is a better way.  

You just want someone who can feel, see, hear you .. without you having to explain yourself. Because you’re tired of that.  You just want to clear all this stuff and move on.  You’ve got a mission to serve and people are waiting for you.   

Here’s where I come in.

From here, can you promise yourself one thing?  That you will make decisions not from a place of fear, but from a place of faith?  If that’s the only thing you can
do right in this moment, make that commitment.

Alright then!! Good girl!  Now THAT’s the Spirit!!

” I had such an awesome session with Nichola Sherlock earlier today. She blew me wide open and helped me breakthrough on something I’ve been carrying around for almost 30 years- 30 YEARS! She has an amazing way of digging deep. Her coaching is not surface level- one bit. Book a session with her if you can. She’s given me a beautiful gift and she’s pretty darn awesome. Thank you Nichola! “

Jenn Scalia


Love for Nichola

I just want to say a prayer of gratitude to Nichola Sherlock for her gifts. She is a powerful healer. She gave me a message that speared through what I was getting ready to do. Her energy work and additional message immediately made me feel lighter, happier, and clear about what I should do this week. She gave me permission and now I feel like all is well.  Yes, all is well. Time for retreat, love, and words.Rochelle Callen



Rochelle Callen Guzman ~  www.rockycallen.com

Nichola Sherlock is an angel! I knew I needed outside help. Nichola saw right through to the core issue and helped me release some really painful stuff, and gave me tools to work through things if they pop up again. I feel 10lbs lighter-like I can fly. She helped me find my wings! If you haven’t worked with Nichola and need to get clear, release some past issues, or get some divine business guidance, get in touch with this incredible woman. Kelly Dawn



Kelly Dawn ~ www.iamkelllydawn.com

I cannot express how much gratitude I’ve for Nichola Sherlock! I highly recommend working with her wherever you are at in your coaching career NOW! In my 60-minute session with her, she guided me to work with LOVE from the very CORE of my BEING. I walked away with further clarity, higher sense of confidence, and a renewed belief to invest in my dreams which are currently manifesting! Thank you, Nichola, for sharing your powerful life changing GIFT with me! Tami Vendrie



Tami Vendrie ~ www.tamivandrie.com

The messages she relayed to me from Spirit were profound and deep and incredibly accurate. Really, I have  gone back to reread my message many times over because there is SO much to take in from each word. The energy coming through this woman is precious. Thank you so much Nichola.Katelyn Edgar



Katelyn Edgar ~ www.katelynedgar.com

Nichola  you are a gift sent from heaven. I was so lost, confused and in such a dark place before our session. I am grateful to you for saving my soul, helping me to pin-point where exactly my block was and helped me to overcome it. I am now clearer on my direction, how I can utilize my skills and talents I wasn’t even aware of. I would love to carry you in my pocket. You are like a lucky charm. Tatiana Feckicova



Tatiana Feckicova ~ www.tatiana-fecikova.com


Wow wow wow is all I can say about my journey. As I have reflected on it, the journey was even more magical than words can describe. I learnt things I didn’t know and was reminded of things that were very important. My flight was quick and amazing and seeing my destination so clearly is keeping me focused. And flowers it’s amazing because more arrived today. So blessed. My friends if you haven’t taken time to do this with Nichola,  it’s time!!!Wendy Steere



Wendy Steere

The session I had today with Nichola Sherlock was AMAZING! She really dug deep and helped me realized what’s holding me back! Her spirit was so kind and gentle I’m very grateful for her and this group! Her services was the BEST Ive had this year and I can’t say thank you enough THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! LolDiamond Cole



Diamond Cole

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